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Contact Form

Before making a booking

Before contacting me, make sure you have read all the necessary information on this website, and make sure I am in your town, or will be very soon. You can subscribe to my newsletter or find my national touring schedule on Escort & Babes. Google my name with 'Escorts & Babes' and you should be able to find my ad. If not, that means I am not touring at all until further notice. Outside of my planned tours, I only see a very select number of clients in Canberra, where I am based. If you are in Canberra you are welcome to shoot me a text. I also offer 'Fly Me To You' (FMTY) if you can't wait to see me.

How to make a booking

Text message me with:


(a) the city you wish to meet me in.

(b) your preferred date & time.

(c) girlfriend or mistress experience.

(d) specific services, extras, & intensity levels (the more detail the better. Please also mention any areas of the body that are vulnerable due to injury or illness and need to be avoided)

(e) where you found me.

(f) your favourite photo of mine.

Please note that I receive countless inquiries every day. If you do not follow these instructions, I will not respond. Phone calls will not be answered.

Please also note that I will require a deposit to make an encounter happen. More info on that can be found under the 'deposit' tab.

Text only: 0478641816


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