Pink Sugar


What is the process like when I arrive?

When you arrive, the first thing that happens is that we settle business. I prefer donations be handed to me in a little envelope. I then will provide you with a towel to get refreshed in the shower. Depending on the type of services, I might have to also do a visual STI check to make sure all is good for us to proceed as intended. If ever there is something of concern, we can work out alternate services that suit us both and are safe. After all that is sorted, we move to the fun part of the session! If ever we finish a little early (you can't plan these things perfectly), you are more than welcome to lie down and have a chat until the time is up. Once there are only 10 minutes left of the session, I will direct you to the shower before we part ways.

What can I do as a client to make sure the booking goes well?

Great that you ask! Thinking about my needs ultimately means you will have a better time as I will be more into our encounter and better able to provide you with a mind-blowing experience. There are a few key things that you can do to guarantee we have a good time:


1) Arrive on time. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late I might have to cancel as I am often very busy and fully booked. Being on time is a key sign of respect. If I cannot guarantee that you will show me respect, I will not see you.

2) Be clean and shower thoroughly. I will ask you to shower upon arrival as this is standard industry procedure. Please make sure you do so properly, especially your intimate parts. If you just had a shower prior to arrival, I will still ask you to at least rinse yourself off quickly as you will likely have sweated on your way over. If you are bottoming that also means douching.

3) Listen to me. Being intimate together means respecting each other's needs. It means listening to each other and working together to have maximum pleasure together, no matter what kind of sex we're having.

4) Don't overstay your welcome. As mentioned, I often operate on a busy schedule. My time is valuable and as a matter of respect you should not take it for granted.

I want to bottom but do not know how to douche, what do I do?


Douching is really important when bottoming. It ensures that we can have really intense anal sex without worrying about it getting messy. If you do not know how to douche, there are many videos about it online. You can buy a douche at any adult shop. If you do not have a douche, or don't have the space/privacy to douche beforehand, I can provide one for you on arrival. We can even incorporate me using it on you into the session, just make sure to book a longer session so we are not rushed.

Do you see couples?

Yes I do! I require a minimum 90 minute booking though to make sure the booking is not rushed and everyone is taken care of adequately. Also, please make sure both of you are keen on this booking! If you are a straight couple, I generally prefer that the woman contacts me to discuss details as there are too many couples where the guy pressures his girlfriend/wife into a threesome. It is very awkward and unpleasant seeing a couple where only one party is interested in the booking.

Do you see clients who are older/overweight/not very attractive/genderdiverse/disabled/of a particular nationality?

I am 100% inclusive in my service provision and no identity labels are a barrier to seeing me. Only bad behaviour is a disqualifier to me. As long as you follow booking instructions, are polite, clean, respectful, and over the age of 18, I will see you.

What times are you available to meet?

When I am on tour I usually have a lot of flexibility in terms of time of the day. The only issue is that I often get fully booked out so I recommend you book well in advance. When I am not touring and in my hometown of Canberra, I am much less flexible and will need advance notice (a minimum of 24 hours, but the more the better).

Can I make an outfit request?

When I am touring, I only have a limited range of outfits. Generally, you are welcome to make an outfit request in reference to the photos that you can see in my ad as those are outfits I usually travel with. Anything very specific will have to be arranged well in advance before I embark on my tour, and if I do not have it you will have to buy it. I do not have many costumes though I do love the idea so feel free to get in touch about very specific outfits and role play scenarios! The only outfit / role play I won't do is pretending to be police.

I am a first timer. Is that okay?

I like first timers! As long as you follow booking instructions, are respectful, listen carefully, and don't rush me, we will have a great time together. Please remember that you will have the best time with me if you listen to me and follow my guidance. I am an expert in what I do and have done it many times before. There is nothing worse than you coming to a session with a box-ticking mind set and interrupting the flow ceaselessly with constant instructions. You will have to trust my expertise on this one and let me take the lead, even if I am submissive. Just let me know beforehand what exactly you would like to explore (the more detail the better) and I will make sure it will happen.

How much do you weigh / how tall are you / how big is your cock?

I neither keep track of these things, nor believe they mean much. Elektra Emeria(TM) is an experience. I am more than a bunch of numbers on paper and I encourage you to ditch that mind set. There are plenty of photos of me on my ad, on Twitter, on OnlyFans, and on this website for you to get a good idea of what to expect.

I am broke, can you offer a discount? 

Absolutely not! In Australia, it is extremely disrespectful to ask sex workers to do their jobs for less, so please never do this! You wouldn't go to a lawyer or psychologist and ask them to do their job for less. I ask you to extend that same curtesy to us. I understand that my rates are not the most affordable in the industry, but instead of asking me to do my work for less, I strongly suggest you go to a provider who is within your budget. The only exception are women, queer folks, and disabled folks (who are not cisgender men), to whom I offer a 20% discount as I really enjoy seeing women and feminine folks, and I know life can be really challenging for queer and/or disabled people.

Would you be interested in filming OnlyFans content together instead of me paying for the session?

Please don't ever ask me to do my work for free. Asking to film content together is a very common request I get from guys who think they can cheat themselves into having sex with me for free. It is as offensive as it is transparent. There is the option to film our session but you will always still need to book me. For allowing me to film, you get a 3 month access link to my OnlyFans (which is worth a fair bit of money). The only exception is if you are a woman or queer person who is also a content creator and professional provider. In that case, let's absolutely talk!

Why are you so curt via text? You are so much friendlier in person!

Unfortunately, I get hundreds of text messages from horny guys every day. Most have no intention on ever following through with a booking. Some even get a kick out of wasting my time. In the interest of my own time and sanity, I need to make sure you are not a time waster. This means that contacting me via text is strictly to organise a booking and lock it in with a deposit asap - not to chat and get to know each other. Rest assured, you will have fun when we meet.

Can I ask you about your real identity?

No you may not, and if you do, the answers I will give you will be vague and inaccurate. Unfortunately, due to the stigma attached to my profession I have to keep my identities separate. Many providers have lost friends, family, and jobs because they have been outed. It is also straight up dangerous due to the risk of stalkers. If you do happen to have figured out who I am in regular life, I strongly urge you to not tell me as I might have to cut you off for knowing too much.

What is your background?

As you might be able to tell from the direct, honest, and frank nature of my responses, I am German (with Italian heritage)! I grew up in Germany and moved to Australia straight after finishing high school. I keep being amazed by how sexually repressed people are in Australia & thoroughly enjoy bringing some German kink culture to you all.

What happens if I cum early? Do you offer multiple shots?

I always aim for a session to take up the booked time and do not like sending people on their way early. However, sex is unpredictable and to have maximum pleasure together I have to go with the flow, which sometimes means having an orgasm when the orgasm is due. I also always allow for a little bit of time after orgasm to unwind and chat as I do not like rushing people out of the door post-orgasm, and I strongly encourage you not to rush out of the door post-orgasm (as that is disrespectful). If ever you cum very early on, you are always welcome to stay for the full duration of the session and chat or request a massage. I strongly suggest that you do not get into a value-maximising mind set where you have to be having sex from start to finish. That is very disrespectful to me and makes me feel like a sex toy, not a human being. As such, I also generally do not allow for multiple shots in 30 min and 60 min bookings. For bookings that are longer than an hour, we can discuss beforehand to plan for two orgasms.

Are you dominant or submissive in your private life?

I am both, or what people in the queer community sometimes call a demi-girl. I don't limit myself to being strictly one thing. It highly depends on who I am with and what the chemistry is between us. What I offer in terms of services is pretty authentic and what I would enjoy in my private life anyway. That does not mean you should ask me to simply 'do what you are into' for a session. This is my job and it's about fulfilling your innermost fantasies.

I am married and cheating on my wife. Am I a bad person?

I am not here to judge you, nor force you to do anything you don't want to. I am offering a professional service and it is not my job to police and/or enforce the heteropatriarchal institutions of marriage and monogamy, which I personally do not believe in.

My partner cheated on me with you. I am upset.

If your partner cheated on you with a sex worker, that is a symptom of issues between you two. Do not ever blame a service provider for doing their job. It is not our job to look out for your relationship.

How can I pay you?

My preferred method of payment is cash, however, I also have a business account that can be used for bank transfers (and deposits), if you prefer to use this method.

I'm concerned about my privacy. Can you help ease my fear?


I have no interest in putting your privacy at risk. It is in my best business interest not to jeopardise your privacy, as I would like our engagement to be a long-term, mutually fulfilling engagement. Whenever I ask you for any sort of private information (such as a bank deposit prior to meeting), it is for my personal safety. Any information I have is kept in the strictest of confidence.

How do I know you are really the girl in the photos?

I have a pretty extensive internet presence by now, including Twitter, OnlyFans, and this website. Moreover, all the photos in my ads have been verified by the websites themselves as you will see.


I'm nervous about coming and seeing you. Is it safe?

Yes it is. Again, I run a professional business and my goal is to build a reputation and regular clientele, so that one day I can only see a few select regulars whom I like to spend my time with.

When are you coming to my city? Can I request you travel to a particular place?

If you would like me to visit your city please feel free to contact me and let me know. I am always looking for new places to explore. But don't expect me to respond as I get several such requests regularly. I will also neither be able to commit to visiting your town, nor do I know when I will be coming. All my upcoming tour dates are published on Escorts & Babes and if your town does not appear there, that means I have no plans yet. If you really want to see me in your town, I am also available for travel by appointment, interstate and internationally. Please refer to my ad for the cost of these services (known as 'Fly Me To You - FMTY').

Why do you require a deposit from me? How do I know my deposit will be refunded if the booking doesn't take place?

Please refer to the 'deposits' tab on this website for more information on this matter.

Do you offer natural sex? I swear I'm clean.


Not only is this against the law but it's also dangerous! Do you know how many horny guys ask me this? Imagine I said yes to them all. I would be out of business in a matter of months.

I'm really into trans women. Does that make me gay?

No! Have you seen my photos? I'm a beautiful woman. Stop telling me how straight you are. That insecurity is insulting to me. Liking cock or the feeling of anal pleasure does not make you gay. Plenty of cisgender women in straight relationships use strap ons or put a finger in their man's ass because it feels great. Also, who cares about labels. Start having the sex you want to have.

Are you STI free? Do you get tested regularly? When was your last STI test?


Do not ask this question! Sex workers have long been stigmatised as vectors of disease and this stigma has been used to persecute us (and worse). Yet, the rates of STIs among sex workers are significantly lower than among the general population as various studies have shown (look it up!). That makes sense because sexual health is part and parcel of every sex worker's workplace safety protocol. It is in our best business interest to have healthy sex and to get tested regularly. After all, good health is essential for the long term viability of our business, let alone the ending of stigmas that have caused us significant marginalisation. Also, you wouldn't ask that to a girl whom you just picked up at a bar so please no double standards!

How long do you plan on doing this for?


For as long as I feel like it! That this job is only for a short period of time or only for young people, is a misconception! I know plenty of mature providers and folks who have made this a lifetime career - many who out-earn the young ones. Like any job, some people don't like it or grow out of it and move on, others will make this a lifetime endeavour. For now, I am thoroughly enjoying this line of work.

I'm uncomfortable with the money aspect of this relationship.

This is a professional service. Just because sex is involved, does not change this fact. You would never ask your masseuse or lawyer to do their work for free. Do not apply a double standard to this professional service.

But if I am paying, how do I know you are enjoying yourself?

This is my job. Like all jobs, I have good days and bad days. You wouldn't insist that a masseuse, waitress, or counsellor enjoy their job all the time because you know that is unrealistic. I am lucky to have alternative options for work, so I am not stuck with this job. I am also lucky to be able to turn down a lot of bookings which I know will not be fun. As a consequence, I do indeed enjoy many aspects of this job and often have a lot of fun. I love the no strings attached sex, the thrill of not knowing who will walk through the door, and the challenge of fulfilling people's innermost desires. But there is no guarantee that I will enjoy our encounter until we meet and see what chemistry we have. If you are really invested in me enjoying my job, follow all the booking instructions and suggestions in my ad and on here. Nothing makes me enjoy my job more than having someone who is respectful and has done their research. The fact that you are reading this is already a really good sign that I will be enjoying our encounter. Secret tip: If you are generous, you are almost guaranteed to make me enjoy myself as money is my love language.

Would you date me?


No! This is my job, not a dating website. I'm here for the no-strings-attached sex and temporary intimacy - and you should be too! If you are after a relationship, look in places and for people who are after a relationship. It's terrible business practice for me to date clients, so don't insult my professionalism by expecting me to do my job for free. You wouldn't ask your counsellor to give you free counselling sessions either. Like all of us, I have financial commitments and bills to pay. Also, please don't have the hubris of thinking that I can 'make an exception' for you because, believe it or not, I get asked that all the time. I'll reconsider if you buy me a waterfront property on the east coast of Tasmania.

But you are amazing. Where can I find girls like you to date?

I know I am! That is why I charge for my time. There are plenty of dating sites out there. Stop looking for dates among sex workers. It is insulting to us when you ask us to do our jobs for free. Also, when scouring dating websites, you will likely not find someone like me, because what I offer is your ultimate fantasy. My skill is providing that to you, and I am extremely good at it which is why this is a professional service. Nobody, including myself, is actually like this on an everyday basis. Just enjoy the moment while it lasts.

Ok, I understand not being able to date you but I want to date a trans girl. How can I do that?

Definitely not by browsing escort directories! There are plenty of trans dating websites online. But let me give you a valuable piece of advice because you have read this far: most trans women dislike it if you seek them out because of their trans identity. We are women and want you to seek us out because you think we are attractive women! So, by asking yourself that question, you are setting yourself up for failure.

I had such a good time, how can I thank you?

I love it when my clients have a great and memorable time! I pride myself on my professionalism. You can send me a little thank you text after our session for my testimonials section or, if you want to make me really happy, give me a little thank you tip! Money is my love language and the best way to please me.