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Deposits FAQ, Terms & Conditions

As noted in my ad, I require a deposit as part of the booking process. I have created this page to answer any potential questions and concerns you may have, as well as to lay out the terms and conditions surrounding deposits.


Why do you take deposits?

As you might have noticed, deposits are a common industry practice. While not every provider takes deposits, many do, especially established providers. Being in a position to take deposits is a privilege and not every provider can afford to forgo business from those unwilling to pay. Luckily I am in a position that allows me to only see clients who pay deposits. I take deposits for the following reasons:


1) Deposits give me scheduling certainty and pay for my administrative labour. Unfortunately, there are many people who make bookings but never show up. Some are just horny and change their minds, others get too nervous, and the worst are those who do it because they purposefully want to waste my time. Not showing up leads to me losing money on accommodation if I booked it especially for our encounter. It also means missing out on other bookings as I have to save the appointment for us and knock back other booking inquiries for that time slot. This is particularly annoying as I tend to get fully booked out when touring. It also all takes a lot of administrative labour on my part for which I am not paid unless to booking goes ahead. Words are cheap in this industry and nothing is more valuable than putting your money where your mouth is.

2) Deposits are part of my safety protocol. If anything goes wrong there is a paper trail for me to fall back on. My safety is paramount and non-negotiable. My safety will always be more important than any perceived risks you face from making a deposit.

What about my privacy though? I am really concerned about leaving a paper trail.

Personal safety is more important than privacy. You will have to trust me that I handle your details with utmost discretion. If you cannot take the risk of leaving a paper trail, I cannot take the risk of meeting a stranger from the internet. Worry not, it is in my best interest to do so as I am seeking to establish a reputation in this industry and build long-lasting relationships so I can ultimately retire with just a few select regulars whom I like spending time with. If you only have a shared bank account, I suggest getting your own.

How do I know the person on the phone is not somebody pretending to be you?

When talking to me, make sure you are messaging the same number that appears on this website (i.e. 0478641816) and in my verified ads on Ivy Society, Dakota Dice, and/or Escorts & Babes. I only have this one number and any other number pretending to be me is an impostor. You can also go to my Twitter (@ElektraEmeria) or subscribe to my official OnlyFans and message me on there to double check my phone number.

I have been scammed before. I'm really hesitant about this.

I'm sorry this has happened to you! It is sad that this happens in our industry, and unfortunately it makes us all less safe. But not every situation is the same. When paying a deposit, do your research on the provider to make sure they are legitimate. Look for a professional website, verified photos on the ad, an online presence on social media with regular posts - all these things are signs that this is not just a profile created by a scammer to make a quick buck but that I am a real provider trying to run a professional business.


Deposit refund policy


My deposit refund policy is simple: If I cancel on you, you are entitled to a refund. If you cancel on me, you forfeit the deposit.


Arranging accommodation (much of it non-refundable), clearing my schedule for an appointment and forgoing other bookings, putting my non-work responsibilities aside, and getting ready for an appointment all take a lot of time out of my day. If you cancel, the deposit becomes a reimbursement for the administrative labour that goes on in preparation for a booking.


Having said this, I understand that sometimes life gets in the way. So, if you need to cancel and provide me with a minimum of 24 hours notice, I am happy to keep the deposit as a credit towards a future booking. To make sure you do not keep re-scheduling, my general policy is that you can re-schedule with sufficient notice once.

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