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You are here because you desire something. I am here because my talent is figuring out and providing what you desire.


Whether it is submitting to a German latex Mistress, or deeply connecting with an eloquent European muse who is eager to please, I do it all.


Although I am renowned for being the only German trans mistress in Australia, I do not believe in limiting myself to one thing. Instead, I believe in building a reputation of fulfilling your innermost desires. As a trained counsellor with a PhD in psychology, I will read your mind and provide you with exactly what you need.


In true German fashion, I seek to provide an experience that is high-quality, professional, and kinky.

The countless testimonials speak for themselves and I encourage you to see for yourself on my OnlyFans page.


What matters to me is not your level of experience, how you look, or how old you are, but rather a willingness to explore your innermost desires. As a matter of fact, first timers are a very particular specialty of mine as their innocence excites me.


Growing up in Germany, you will notice and remember my faint accent. Being able to speak four languages and having lived in Las Vegas with some of the world's most famous trans porn stars, I am as worldly as I am wild.


Whatever it is that you desire, my goal is to make you forget about your worries in life, even if it is just for a brief moment.

Head over to my Rates & Experiences section to take the next step. 

A little bit more about me


You have found my website and read this far. I like that. Here are a few additional facts about me:


I am a lover of the finer things in life and believe that luxury is for the people. I speak four languages. I have multiple degrees across a range of social sciences. I am widely published and an expert in my field of research. I am a big lover of art, specifically contemporary and politically motivated art, as well as Indigenous art. True to my Italian heritage, I love the opera, the theatre, and a variety of contemporary dance. In my spare time I mostly read non-fiction literature, mainly about gender, sexuality, kink, pornography, and economics. I am a vegetarian and have a deep respect for everything living. I love German Riesling (especially Willi Schaefer), and Tasmanian Pinot Noirs. I have a soft spot for Tasmania. I love cats. I am a bit of a gamer girl. I deeply care about sex worker and trans rights and work for not-for-profit organisations in these spaces.

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